Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Home

No, it's not a new house. It's a new home for my blog. With the on-going issues of not being able to upload images, I've decided to relocate. The one drawback is not having the same ability to move my "followers" along with me to my new home. So, if you'd like to keep reading, and viewing my work, please come visit me at:


I look forward to seeing you there. And thanks for your support here. Blessings, ~T~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo Challenge #61

This shot just reminded me of when paparazzi shout at celebrities for "one over the shoulder".

Photo Challenge #60

We came across a small heard of deer - about 6-7 - in a field along the side of the road near Palo Duro Canyon. The road was too narrow to stop so we drove about a quarter mile then I walked back. I was surprised at how close they allowed me to come.

photo challenge #59

I added the text because it just "fit".

Photo Challenge #58

Rock formation known as The Lighthouse, Palo Duro Canyon, Texas.