Sunday, May 17, 2009

Track? What track?

You mean there is some sort of track I'm not only supposed to be on, but manage to stay on?

Yea, right. Okay.

I'm so far off track, it has passed the point of even being remotely funny. My "to do" list is growing into a "to do"pile. I cross one thing off only to find five more things to take its place. I'm praying I have a next life, or five or six, because it will take that many just to complete the things in this life I didn't get finished!

This past week was insane. Nothing else could possibly describe this week except pure insanity. First, I started a new medication to help me get rid of the lovely water retention (yea, you *know* you wanted to know...just wait, it gets better), only to have it dehydrate me to the point that I got sick at work on Wednesday and spent the rest of the day in bed praying for either a quick death or instant improvement. Thursday was spent taking Miss Mac to her homeschool girls group, going to see a replica of the Liberty Bell, having dinner, then going to CPR training and finally getting Mac to bed. I have no clue how Friday was spent so it was either insignificant or such a chaotic blur that my alternate personality stepped in to take over (joke..please laugh).

Saturday was so hellish it deserves its own paragraph. I should recount, but I don't want to even remotely relive it. Besides, I already posted an explanation over on the NPWA forums (for all my police wife friends!).

But now, life is good, and I'm back on track. Yea, there is a track. And it goes in a never-ending circle just like the ones in high school. Like a big ol' hamster wheel for humans.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Days Like This...


Days like this just suck. There is no other polite way to describe them.

And on days like this, I seriously think that if I could go back in time, I would opt to join the circus instead of being a mom. At least you can train animals.

Ugh. Just ugh.