Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photo Challenge #61

This shot just reminded me of when paparazzi shout at celebrities for "one over the shoulder".

Photo Challenge #60

We came across a small heard of deer - about 6-7 - in a field along the side of the road near Palo Duro Canyon. The road was too narrow to stop so we drove about a quarter mile then I walked back. I was surprised at how close they allowed me to come.

photo challenge #59

I added the text because it just "fit".

Photo Challenge #58

Rock formation known as The Lighthouse, Palo Duro Canyon, Texas.

Photo Challenge #57

Probably one of my favorite shots I've taken....ever.
Converted to black/white and cropped in PP.

Photo Challenge #56

Using leading lines.
Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

Sunday, March 14, 2010

#55 Photo challenge

The child has zero fear. Mom, on the other hand...
Little Miss standing precariously close to the edge of a small ridge in Palo Duro Canyon.

#54 Photo Challenge

Lilly. Climbing inside the wood blinds.

#53 photo challenge

Playing with fire.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Challenge #52

*singing* Sometimes I feel like...somebody's watching me...

It's a little challenging to work with a kitten watching and attacking the laptop. Her favorite things to do are chase the cursor and chew on that latch that is visible in the photo just below her chin.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo Challenge #51

What do you do when you stuck waiting for a train?

Me, I take pictures. Next time I hope to capture the perplexed look on the engineer's face. I think I'm learning to enjoy the obvious questioning look of "why ARE you taking MY picture?" The ornery side of me, perhaps?

photo challenge #50

The fiftieth post to this challenge! Whoot whoot!

Another shot from the zoo. At least it isn't a lion. :)

Seriously thinking about doing my blog a different way other than through BlogSpot because of the ongoing problems loading images.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Challenge #49

Another nice day, another trip to the Amarillo Zoo.

Still working on trying to get a decent shot through the fence. Trying different settings, angles, etc.

Photo Challenge #48

Miss Mac and her first lost tooth.

Actually, it isn't lost. She yanked that sucker out herself. She did that about a week and a half ago, but I'm just now getting around to taking a picture with the real camera. I did take one the night she pulled it but with my cell phone.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photo Challenge #47

Palo Duro Canyon. Also known as "The Grand Canyon of Texas", which is a rediculously stupid tag because PD Canyon is much smaller than the Grand Canyon and supposedly everything is BIGGER in Texas.
It's still pretty.

Photo Challenge #46

Shoes. Reflective of my intent to fulfill a goal of starting and completing the Couch-to-5k program.

I first heard of C25K from another police wife. She is currently finishing up and has 3 or 4 scheduled 5ks she is doing within the next few months. I'm so proud of her and a wee bit envious, too. I intended to start weeks and weeks ago. However, between family chaos and more importantly, cold, yucky weather, I have, in typical procrastinating form, put it off. However, with new-found energy with sunnier days, and warmer temps, I'm encouraged and motivated. I plan to start.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Photo Challenge #45

Color. Finally.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo Challenge #44

This is the second in the series with the lions. I meant to post this shot after the initial shot of the brother and sister playing. However, I stuck the geese post between the two. Sorry! Anyway, this is after she took her brother to the ground.

Photo Challenge #43

One of my favorite things about where we live. The Canada Geese that "winter" at the playa lake one street over from our house. Starting around the end of October and going through about the first of March, several times a day approximately 300 geese fly into or leave our lake, The sound is amazing. When they take off to or fly in from the west, they fly right over our house. Since they are so low, it can be very loud! Miss Mac and I always run out the front door when we hear them because they are so graceful when such a massive amount fly in to land at the same time. How they don't crash into each other amazes me!
Each season I manage to take hundreds of photos of them, hoping to eventually get that one great shot!

Photo Challenge #42

Brother and sister lions at our zoo. She had no problems tackling her brother and taking him to the ground.
Girl power!

Photo Challenge #41

A horse is a horse, of course.

Photo Challenge #40

One of the foxes in the exhibit. I've tried several times to photograph them; however, they're always sleeping during regular zoo hours. This particular day we were lucky enough to be there during feeding time. When the keeper went in to give them the food, they promptly woke up and scurried around the exhibit. Apparently they don't like the keepers being in their area.

We did learn an interesting fact. The foxes are about 3 exhibits away from the skunks. While walking around, I smelled what I thought was a skunk, but the keeper said they've all been de-scented. What we actually smelled was from the foxes! I never knew they made a smell similar to a skunks but not even close to as potent. This was interesting to know because one street over from us is a playa lake that we know is home to several foxes. Husband and I have both seen them. Frequently I've smelled what I thought was a skunk scent. Now, I'm pretty sure it's from the foxes.

Photo challenge #39

A better shot of the peacock. The first was just for fun because the look was priceless.